Driving Lessons

At Catz-i.com ADiT we prefer to think of the Driving Test as the beginning of an endless learning curve. On todays crowded roads, we aim to not only train you to drive but also to prepare you for modern driving by teaching you how to read the road and develop your skills as your experience develops.

Modern Learning Techniques

Our Success is gauged by our customers recommendations and our competitors who attempt to copy us, however, as the market leaders in Edinburgh, Lothian’s & Argyll, we are always looking for the most innovative, reliable and easy techniques to assist your learning.

Thats why we were the first to introduce iPad, where your understanding can become so easy once you see an image of a junction for left reverse or where to position on Roundabouts.

We are also rolling out our system so that by the time you get home, your progress and learning assistance materials will be in your email inbox.

Hows that for easy learning!!!

In Car Dash Recording System

Our in-car dash recording system (where fitted), allows you to record your Driving Lesson using the latest technology, allowing you to view errors committed in the vehicle and finding where improvement is required. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so this tends to make learning a very fast and enjoyable process, with easier understanding and progress.

Driving Instructor

We individually select our Driving Instructors to ensure that you receive exceptional quality from Catz-i.com ADiT. Our Instructors have been fully CRB cleared, (Checked for any Criminal History), prior to working with us and each Instructor has a commitment to Continued Professional Development. This means that they have an ability of transferring knowledge to your understanding and personal development using the most modern and up-to-date techniques.

Our proven system ensures that you only take the lessons you need to make you a competent and confident driver. This means that you only pay for the training that you need and ultimately save you money.

The National average lessons that a learner requires is 45 hours plus home practice before passing the Driving Test.*

Catz-i.com ADiT has an average of 32 hours before a learner sits and passes their Driving Test with confidence and safely.**

     *     Figures published by the Driving Standards Agency 2012.

     *     * Figures from Catz-i.com ADiT report 2011-2016.

"Because Not All Driving Schools Need to be the same"

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