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Safety First:

It's been testing times over the last few months for us all. For some it's been refreshing and helped them appreciate what they have in life, but for others, it's been a living hell.

One thing that is a certainty; is life as we know it has changed, and we must follow new guidelines in the vehicle.

We know that your driving lessons are important to you and we want to make sure that you are as safe as possible. Therefore, we will be following all:

          •  Advice issued by the UK & Scottish Government

          •  Guidelines set by NASP

          •  Guidelines set by the DVSA

In The Vehicle

For your safety and ours, please wash your hands before you get in the car. We will also offer you antibacterial hand gel or wipes when you enter the car and your Instructor will wash their hands with you. We will also use a certified wipes to clean the:

     • Door handles (inside & outside)

     • Seat adjustment latches

     • Steering wheel

     • Seatbelt & latch,

     • Ancillary’s (indicator, wiper stalks etc)

     • Sunvisor

     • Gear stick & handbrake

     • Inside mirror & controls

     • Satnav & control display

     • Anything else relevant to the car you are in

If we believe that any of our Instructors could be unwell, we will cancel lessons until we know that we they are clear after the recommended isolation period.


It is likely that face masks will be mandetory in confined spaces for some time to come. You should bring your own mask with you and this should be worn before you get into the car. If you do not have a mask, please text or call your Instructor and one will be provided for you. There may be a small charge for this.

If you wish to wear nitrate or cotton gloves please bring these with you.

Questions or Concerns

If you have any questions or concerns, you should contact your Instructor by phone or text before your lesson and not in person. This cannot be used as an excuse for late cancellations of lessons on a regular basis.

If you are feeling unwell, you should contact NHS24 online in the first instance.

On 111 in immediate circumstances.

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YOU MUST let us know if you or anyone you have been in contact with have experienced any or all of the symptoms of the symptoms below within the last 7 days:

Lesson, Training & Test Information

Theory Tests & Driving Tests

DVSA will rebook your test free of charge if it has to be cancelled or changed because either you, your examiner or your Instructor have coronavirus symptoms. This is also the case if the Theory or Driving Test Centre has closed.

This will be done free of charge even if it's done at short notice (within 3 clear working days of the test). However, you MUST call the booking test centre 'BEFORE' your test time.

ADI Part 3 Tests & Standards Check

DVSA email you directly if you have an ADI Part 3 test or Standards Check booked in the next week.

DVSA will rebook your ADI part 3 test free of charge if it has to be cancelled or changed because either:

•  You have Coronavirus symptoms

•  The pupil you were intending to bring has

    Coronavirus symptoms

•  The examiner has Coronavirus symptoms

•  The test centre has closed

This will be done free of charge even if it's done at short notice (within 3 clear working days of the test).

We will also rebook your standards check if you have to cancel or change it because of Coronavirus.

+++++ COVID-19 DVSA Test Announcement +++++

If you have to cancel, you MUST call the test booking centre 'BEFORE' your test time.

++ Coronavirus ++ Protection Measures ++ Training ++ Tests ++

If the answer is 'YES' to any 1 or more of he above,

you MUST NOT turn up for your lesson.

Do NOT tell your Instructor in person, even if they turn up outside your door. Please call or text instead. If you are unsure, please call or text instead, but be mindful that you should give the Instructor as much notice as possible. If you were aware of this 3 days ago, someone else missed out on a lesson and the ADI missed out on a paid lesson.

If you believe that you could have the Coronavirus, you should immediately self isolate for 7 days and consult NHS24 online for advice.

The normal cancelation fees will not be applied should you need to cancel your lesson within within 24 hours and go into self-isolation for 7 or 14 days. However, if you go on to break the rules within 7 days; the cancelled lesson will become chargable.

If your Instructor becomes unwell or is contacted by 'Track & Trace' they will also immediately go into isolation and give you as much notice as possible when cancelling your lesson.

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