Firstly, welcome to the team where you will have support from your Trainer and myself throughout the course.

Whilst the course has had great success in its paper form, I decided to completely rewrite it to have a better feel with great user feedback and the ability to be an online course. The last 369 days have been a constant focus, without many days off and many nights working until the wee hours of the morning, but whilst I will never actually call this finished, I am told it's looking pretty good with the feedback received so far.

There are areas I will change as you go through your course and the ultimate goal is to have this as a downloadable interactive eBook, but for now, when you are asked questions I will give you specific instructions to print certain pages and I would urge you to use the old fashioned pen and paper to record your answers before checking to see if they are correct. We have also accumulated over 40 hours of video to assist you with each of the parts of the qualifying process and this has been made available to you now in a "Beta" format.

Our Part 1 Course has never been as good as it is today. The previous course fee of £320 has been reduced for you to reflect the changes above and in the hope you will point out errors along the way (if I missed any).

The Part 1 Forum is now available here and my direct email address is part1help@catz-i.com  

I look forward to working with you over the coming weeks.

Clear Roads


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Preliminary Introduction & Part 1

This is your introduction to the course and covers items to note with copyright and how to use the Course Guide. It will tell you what you need to know about the tests and how you will know when you are ready to sit them and pass with confidence.

It is important you write in your manual and I cannot stress this enough, so please print the pages you need and keep a note of them. If you need help on how to print single pages (without printing the whole manual), I can guide you through this.

Please follow the sections in order:  

Read                                     Video           Print Pages

                                   Preliminary Introduction     YES                    N/A

                                   Preliminary Part 1                 N/A                    N/A

                                   Preliminary Part 2                YES                     5-6

                                   Preliminary Part 3                YES                    4,6-7

                                   Preliminary Part 4                YES                     2-4

                                   Preliminary Answers

Remember to click the image for video when you see it                                

For Help & Advice, try the Forum First

To Move on to the Next Section, Email Here for Access


The information contained in theis Course Guide is supplied in good faith and every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy.

The Author, publisher, Catz-i.com, ADiT and suppliers of this course guide do not accept liability for any loss how so ever caused to anyone directly or indirectly due to its publication and use.

Davidson Davidson

Catz-i.com CEO

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